A HAYASHI IND. COM. IMP. E EXP. LTDA. was founded by Shinzo Hayashi, a Japanese beekeeper by vocation and profession who came to Brazil in 1970. Faced with the diversity of our flora, he was sure that the benefits of Brazil’s bees would have differentiated components. He deepened his search to find raw materials of exceptional quality, initiating projects to develop products and techniques that would preserve these characteristics.

The company, based in the region of Cambuci (SP), produces its propolis extract with a know-how acquired through more than four decades of expertise and dedication by its founder.

Handing down knowledge beyond knowing, and respecting the elements of nature, its cycles and its importance are fundamental to the development of our work.

With the implementation of 6S Program, the senses of Use (Seiri), Ordering (Seiton), Cleaning (Seiso), Health (Seiketsu) Self-Discipline (Shitsuke) and Safety are studied and applied daily in our lives. This has lead to reduced costs, improved productivity and furthermore our collaboration to actively preserve the environment.

林 新三

Shinzo Hayashi